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      Wuhan Optical Valley Issued "25 Rules" to Support Industrial Economy

      Release Time:2022-12-16 01:03:39 View:7405

      Forwarded from China Logistics Industry Network 2022-12-16
      Optical Valley issued "25 policies" to support industrial economy, and supported the national manufacturing innovation center by up to 100 million yuan
      Hubei Daily (Reporter Zhang Zhenzhen, Correspondent Qi Fu) On December 14, Wuhan East Lake High tech Zone introduced a three-year action plan for industrial economic upgrading and 25 policies and measures to support high-quality development of industrial economy. Among them, the support for national manufacturing innovation centers is the largest, with a maximum of 100 million yuan.
      The "25 items" also mainly include: 2 million yuan for enterprises that have won national quality awards; The local enterprises of Optical Valley are encouraged to independently develop and manufacture the first set of technical equipment, and the enterprises that purchase this product will receive a maximum subsidy of 5 million yuan; If the output value of an enterprise reached 500 million yuan or more in the previous year, the subsidy will be 2% of the annual industrial added value increment of the enterprise, with a maximum subsidy of 20 million yuan for an enterprise; Encourage enterprises to introduce supporting enterprises of the industrial chain, and the maximum accumulative reward for a single recommending enterprise is 5 million yuan; To promote the cluster development of industrial enterprises, a single cluster promotion organization will receive a maximum reward of 1 million yuan; The maximum reward and subsidy for technical transformation projects is 12% (urban level), with a ceiling of 15 million yuan, and the maximum reward and subsidy for enterprises with "double platform" is 5 million yuan. In addition, a new policy to stimulate the vitality of the enterprise management team has been added. Eligible enterprises will be awarded 10% of the taxable income of the salary of the previous year, with a maximum reward of 3 million yuan for a single enterprise.
      The three-year action plan for upgrading the industrial economy of Optical Valley put forward that it will accelerate the construction of a new "2+1+N" industrial system dominated by optoelectronic information, biomedicine and medical equipment, supported by digital equipment, and a number of emerging industries as new growth points. By 2025, the total industrial output value above designated size of the district will strive to exceed 500 billion yuan, with 10 single winners of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in manufacturing industry, 1 to 2 100 billion enterprises and 10 10 billion enterprises.